Chrystalle Ariel is Hereditary Metaphysician and an Initiate of The Holy Mysteries. She is a Record Keeper and Sacred Scribe of several spiritual lineages. A trained broadcast journalist and metaphysical counsellor, she was born into the Lineage of the Orishas & the Divine Mothers in West Africa. She is steeped in the Mysteries of Cosmic Luminosities, The Mills of the Gods and the Infinite began to grind in early life. This allowed for Multidimensional living that initially brought elation and then many tests. Learning to straddle the inner and outer realms of light and creation. She works with many Divine Allies. This allows her to navigate life deeply in sacred service on earth at this pivotal time. She does this from an ever expanding place of Truth, Freedom and Evolution. 

Chrystalle is available for In Depth Metaphysical Readings. Hand Analysis (Chiromancy). Lifepath maps. Bush Flower Remedies / Readings. Herbal / Nutritional Healing
Phone: 00353 86 333 1106



Iyanla Bivinet Ashi Au Bari is a Master Shamanic Healer & Teacher of Core Andean Practices. She offers healing to open the doors of possibility for her global clients. She is the Author of Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery & The Sacred  Divine Mothers (Iyami). She is also a contributing author to Shamanic Transformation, The True Stories of Awakening. & What is Shamanism. 

She has studied with teachers and mystics from both the Andean Qero & Aymara Traditions and West African Orisha traditions. She is also studying  Quareia High Magic. She constantly seeks the Path of Purity & Truth. As a child and kin of the Divine Mothers Iyami, she works from the Inner core of the Mothers. Working with injustice, to help restore balance to the Earth. She works with conflict resolution and karmic issues & clearing negative dark forces.She is a conduit for alchemical change and transformation.