"A celestial beacon amid the cosmic waves—a unique mystery school, crafted for the Age of Aquarius, the herald of the Golden Age. A sanctuary unlike any other in the modern annals of earthly wisdom. Its essence transcends time and space, for its genesis springs from the primordial womb of creation itself.

Here, within the hallowed halls, the whispers of the Sacred and Divine Mothers, known as Iyami, resonate in harmony with the universe. Their teachings, steeped in ancient wisdom, now reverberate globally under the mantle of Euame Esuake—a name etched in the stars, a testament to their cosmic grace.

Within this sacred abode, seekers of truth embark upon a journey of illumination, guided by the luminous wisdom of the ages. It is a sanctuary where souls commune with the cosmic dance of existence, where mysteries unfold and enlightenment blooms like the lotus in the dawn's embrace.

Welcome, seekers of the divine, to a realm where the sacred meets the earthly, where the mysteries of existence unfurl in radiant splendor—a sanctuary forged for the seekers of the Golden Age."

"Welcome to the threshold where the whispers of your soul beckon you to ascend! What, then, is the Path of Purity & Truth Mystery School?

It emerges as a divine edict bestowed directly from the Sacred and Divine Mothers, known as EUAME ESUAKE. Who are these revered beings, you may wonder? Throughout the tapestry of history, they've been revered under myriad names, woven into the fabric of ancient civilisations since time immemorial. Their genesis traces back to the dawn of creation itself, their appellation 'My Mothers' resonating with the very essence of existence.
As the custodians of the cosmic forces that birth and sustain life, Euame transcends the realms of mortal understanding, ascending to the infinite divine realms. They straddle the boundary between the non-human cosmic essence and their manifestation in human form, revered as the Primordial Ancestral Mothers by the first peoples.
In this moment, as the decree for the Path of Purity & Truth Mystery School unfurls, it emanates from the White Iyami in their cosmological form—a testament to the divine orchestration weaving through the cosmic symphony."

The inception of the Mystery School—a convergence of divine mandate and mortal presence. In the serene embrace of Clonmacnoise, Ireland, during a resplendent gathering in July of 2018, a celestial decree descended upon the chosen few. Nine souls, summoned by the cosmic symphony, gathered to receive initiations from the Sacred Mothers, Iyami (Euame Esuake), amidst the silent witness of the ancient Tuatha Dé Danann.

Within this sacred conclave, two profound objectives emerged. Firstly, a sacred mission was unveiled, tasking the nine initiates with the solemn duty of dismantling archaic patriarchal constructs that had long plagued humanity with disharmony and fear. Secondly, the seeds of the Mystery School were sown—a sanctuary conceived to transcend earthly limitations, drawing wisdom from the Divine Mothers' Sacred Libraries and the ethereal tapestry of the Akashic records.
This sanctum, unlike any other terrestrial institution, would serve as a beacon of enlightenment, embracing seekers from every corner of the globe. Through a modern online platform, students would embark on a journey of self-discovery and transcendence, guided by the timeless principles of truth and purity."

In the realm of spirituality, there exists a complex network of Euame Esuake known as white, red, and black Euame Esuake. Together with the guiding force of the Lords of Karma, they labor to usher in a new era of enlightenment—the golden age. Their collective mission is to uphold equilibrium in harmony with the law of One, emphasising the importance of inner truth as the cornerstone of purity.

Euame Esuake, as integral components of the Mother arc, summon their counterparts to fulfill their roles in maintaining cosmic balance and harmony.