What Is A 'True' Mystery School?

By definition a Mystery School is a place where a body of students dedicate themselves to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the mystery teachings.

Throughout the ages the mystery schools have been hidden in plain sight. A true mystery school is an ancient school with a traceable and documented lineage of physical initiation. Going back to and beyond the line of King Solomon. The primary means of transmitting knowledge and energy is through an oral tradition, also called handing down. 

Is the PATH OF PURITY a 'True' Mystery School?

The teachings of the Path of Purity & Truth, go back through the lineage of Iyami (The Divine Mothers). Iyami first travelled to earth to lay the seeds of humanity aeons and aeons ago. The source of the teachings and lessons of the Path of Purity & Truth are derived exclusively from the Mother's Sacred Libraries and the High Akashic Records. 

Why is the Mystery School Online?

The decision to put the Mystery School online, arose from a discussion of ensuring we were not seen merely as 'exclusive'. Whereby students could only attend, if they either lived in Ireland or could travel to classes. Having a fixed location or a permanent teaching venue, creates limited availability to a few. By opening the schools' doors online, so to speak, invites all students from all nations and walks of life to attend.