Socrates penned a few famous quotes, none more so than: 

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

 “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

His other famous quote was; 'KNOW THYSELF'. This is where you as a student of the POPT, journey begins. By exploring how much you actually know about what is beyond your physical and mental self, shows what abilities you actually have at your disposal. Here we begin to understand the energies the physical body carries with it, including the blessings and hassles. Apart from its umbrella knowledge of "I AM SOUL, I AM SPIRIT, I AM GOD'S CHILD". We also help you understand the ways of cause and effect and how this leaves you open and salable from lower entities and energies.

As we begin what is famously known in the Tarot as 'The Fool's Journey'. Where the young adventurer begins his/her life full of naivety and curiosity, yet there are many lessons to learn along the way.

The Fool


Here the journey expands into exploring man's early existences here in planet earth. How the elements created us and the etymology behind these. We examine the early mystery schools and the keys they used to access this hidden knowledge, we also examine how these mystery schools worked. We also begin to touch on some of the important early and ancient histories of the earth. 


A most informative and personal level for the Student. Here you learn more about where you came from? You will be given your destiny number, home planet and the lineage you hail from. 

You will be offered via correspondences, how to communicate with your Angels/Orisa/Lineage. And you will be able to call on the Lumineers and beings of the Cosmos, when you require guidance and help. Wisdom comes with knowing how to speak the universe's  language and  be able to navigate it with words. 

You will receive your 1st Initiation at this point.


In this level you begin to explore how to 'SEE, KNOW and BE' in the Golden Age. How to wield divine power and how to use it for the greater good. This lesson shows you how to truly begin working with the principles of the mystery schools. Especially those of Ancient Ireland, Egypt (Kemet), Albion (England). The Orisa & Dogon (West Africa) etc. More in depth knowledge is taught here in Level Four about these ancient and sacred alchemical and magical practices. 


How to wield Divine power here on earth and mastering the platonic solids


Here we examine the Tree of Life from different perspectives. Especially via Shamanism, the Qabbalah and Ogham. Looking to establish how they correspond to the Aquarian Age and Golden Age.


Graduation Plus