About the Mystery School

There are five levels to the Mystery School, along with Three degrees. Each level builds on the previous one and the student must complete a level at a time. There is no sense or gain in rushing through each level, as then you will miss many important keys. When the student graduates at level five. They will leave this round of studying and will walk forward as a primed soul ready to navigate the Age of Aquarius heading into the Golden Age. Wherein they too will become light-beings, guides and wayshowers for their fellow man/woman.

With this said it is a pleasure for Chrystalle K Ariel and Iyanla Bivinet Ashi, to welcome you to the Mystery School, where we look forward to take you through the annals of time as we offer you keys to open the doors and to reveal the mysteries behind them.

However you arrived here, it is beyond doubt you are ready to undertake a new and exciting journey through the evolution of your awakening. A journey to help prepare your mind, and physical body as your spirit and soul urges you to ready yourself for the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to this new and unique mystery school. Created extraordinarily for the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius. Unlike any other modern-day mystery school, the prospectus of the Path of Purity & Truth and its teachings, come directly from the Divine Cosmic Mothers and the Luminaries of the stars and the heavens. 

The Divine Cosmic Mothers have created the organic unfolding of a plan and necessary lessons of the Mystery School of the Path of Purity & Truth. It was delivered after what has been a difficult year, which saw the Divine Mothers engaged in battle with the forces of the dark, who have been trying to supress the Mothers Children and the Holy Lineages present on earth today. After the 21st December 2020, a relief, a sacred breath returned and we did not feel the burden of the dark as heavily as before. 

This Mystery School will be taught via an Online PowerPoint Platform. Beginning April/May 2021.